Welcome to the Wellness Within LLC School

Colleen Montgomery, the founder of Wellness Within LLC, passionately supports her heart and diabetic clients to achieve remarkably better health. She advocates for the superiority of holistic lifestyle changes over traditional healthcare methods to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. 

Her courses help students implement healthy lifestyle changes with permanence and ease. These health-restoring habits are the cornerstone of chronic disease prevention and reversal and are observed across the world's longest living populations.

"If you are looking to change your life style and introduce yourself to a plant based diet, one day at a time, I high recommend, Colleen's course. I have her to thank for my weight loss and implementing exercise into my daily routine. I feel so much better!"

- Bettyann M.

Coach Colleen Smiling

Hi, I'm Coach Colleen!

I'm a Clinical Exercise Physiologist with over a decade of clinical experience working with people with heart disease, diabetes and beyond. I'm also a Certified Plant-Based Health Coach with additional certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support and Stress Management Coaching. I thrive on empowering my heart and diabetic clients to take their health from poor to great. Successful change requires having the best available information on lifestyle “medicines” as well as the tools for behavioral change to make it possible. I give my clients EVERY tool necessary to make permanent, impactful change so that they can get a second chance to live a long, vibrant life.

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